Sprachcaffe, mela…

Sprachcaffe, mela…

I came to Malta Sprachcaffe Pembroke on 11th of May and first obvious thing I noticed when exiting the airport was that it was sunny and hot. Completely the opposite than what it was in Finland. And I knew that it was just the beginning of the summer so even hotter days were to be expected.
Sprachcaffe was pleasant surprise to me: reception, bistro, pool area and the accommodation blocks were all spacy and had a good atmosphere around them. Students that were already in Sprachcaffe were all really friendly and accepting me easily in their circles.


I spent my first free days in the pool area taking the sun and relaxing. Also, I wanted to explore the area nearby Pembroke and so I got lost nearly every day in the beginning while walking all over the streets.


One man from Poland that had lived in Sprachcaffe before I came there promised to show me around Malta in my first week. So we took a bus and travelled around the capital Valletta and also all over the island. I saw many historical buildings and so much of beautiful landscape and after that trip I had a good first touch of Maltese life and culture.


After my great tourist beginning in Malta I took the job as a receptionist in Sprachcaffe seriously and for the next one month I didn’t really travel that much to anywhere. I worked maybe a little bit too much and now looking back at that time I regret that I didn’t push myself to see more of Malta in the first months. Of course it was important to focus on my job but then again I think I missed a lot of great opportunities to explore Malta and its culture.


After two and half months of summer and hotness the weather decided to surprise us all and before we knew it was pouring rain and most of us also saw a tornado near Pembroke’s area. The storm only lasted for fifteen minutes but it was an awesome experience.


After halfway through my stay I started to travel around again and for example visited Comino’s blue lagoon and Peter’s pool in Marsaxlokk. There is still much to see and experience alongside with my work and I’m planning on enjoying Malta when I can.

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