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My home away from home


I have been in Nigeria for almost 2 months and I can boldly say it has been amazing and also one of the most rewarding experiences ever. Not only that, Nigeria is my country of origin, but the group of people I have had the privilege of working with have been amazing.

Nigeria is the Africa’s biggest economy. Home to a flourishing democracy and prospering economy, the country is well known for its rich cultural values. Despite being a diverse mix of ethnic groups, city peasants and cosmopolitan professionals, Nigerians are united by their two common religious practices, Christianity and Islam, with a strong sense of national community. Its coast in the South lies on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. Nigeria’s weather and climate leaves nothing to be desired. Warm and sunny days are followed by cool and balmy nights, the temperatures are always welcoming and gentle.


I spent some of my free time trying to catch a glimpse of the sunrise and sunset.

I’m taking my practical training at Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) where I have been working as a Logistics trainee student. NNPC is the oil Corporation, through which the federal government of Nigeria regulates and participates in the country’s petroleum industry. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is the largest oil exporter in Africa and deals with exploration & production, refining and petrochemicals, commercial and investment and finance. They provide the highest level of professional services and quality to their clients and projects in which they exceeds their clients’ expectations at all times.

sun 2

The corporation recently embarked on a SAP project and has only managed using the driven solution to operate in the account sector and with a plan of integrating other business activities. Since I have already completed the Green Chain Supply Module, my plan is to write my final thesis on this topic, by helping the corporation with SAP integration. I was shown around the sectors of the company and was introduced to what was necessary to know.

So far so good, I am pleased with my practical training. It was fun and flexible to do. Most importantly, I felt fitted-in and comfortable around my work colleagues. My work is valued and the overall project would be a great access to the corporation.


sun 3

I also spent a quality time listened to the bird’s beautiful choruses




Hola and greetings from the country of playas, fiestas and margaritas!

Studying with some of my exchange student friends at our beautiful campus
Studying with some of my exchange student friends at our beautiful campus
What a view from one of the many hills here in Ensenada
What a view from one of the many hills here in Ensenada

As you can see from the pictures above, this place is absolutely stunning. I started studying here in Ensenada, Mexico, about two months ago. It means I’m half way done with my exchange already. Time flies when you are having fun right!

The locals are very open and kind. They are always ready to help us with anything we need, to show us around and to teach us Spanish. Every weekend I do something fun and different and get to know more of the wonderful culture they have.

Our standard weekends at playa hermosa in Ensenada
Our standard weekends at playa hermosa in Ensenada

Ensenada is a fairly small city in Mexico’s standards on the Pacific coast a few hours away from the Tijuana-San Diego border. So it has been easy to do trips to California too. We have gone there to see a baseball match and I also did a trip to LA and San Francisco. Now we are planing to go to Guadalajara, which is a big city close to Mexico city. In Ensenada the influence from US is very strong and visible so it is going to be interesting to see how the life is in Guadalajara.

Exchange in Amsterdam

I have now been 2 months out of my 5 here and it has been amazing. The house I live in is absolutely buzzing with people and there are crazy parties every week!

Besides that the school is okay and the city of Amsterdam is absolutely amazing. So many things to do that I dont even know where to start. I hope that the remainder of the exchange will be as good as it has been so far.

Next month I will also be travelling to Munich for Oktoberfest with some of the friends that I have made here so I am really looking towards that.

¡Hola! Saludos desde Torrevieja, España.

Learning in Spain
I started my internship in 3.8.2015 and I came a week early so I could look around before hand. I’m staying with my boyfriend in an apartment in the center of Torrevieja. Torrevieja is a small town and has a lot of beaches. The Spanish spend their holidays here so there are lots of tourists but they are from Spain.
Laguna de Mata “where is no worries”
I have had a good time at work. The company is called Zariko Properties an all of the employees are very nice. At my free time, we hang out on the beach, go to good Spanish restaurants and tapas bars. Food is sheap compared to Finland and it is really good too. I’m trying to graduate in this year and hopefully have more free time so that I can do more my school work…
Working hard or hardly working…
It is really beach and working here, even now it is 25 degrees and it is September!
Salodos, Milla Lähteenmäki

Czech Republic – What an amazing basecamp for traveling

On top of the fact that Brno and Czech Republic is to live and study, I noticed that compared to Finland, the possibilities for relatively inexpensive travel and exploring new places are in completely different league. Check that, its pretty much a completely different sport. As Finland is, in terms of travel, pretty close to an island, for a travel oriented person like me, living in a place where you can just take a cheap bus to so many countries so easily, was amazing.

So even tho I loved my time in Brno and I am sure to return, the other travels made pretty much as big of an impression to me during my exchange. Ill share you some photos (from most of the countries, sadly not all):



Brno University of Technology, Pod Palackeho dorms, Kolejni 2, Brno, Czech Republic. The Basecamp.


Znojmo, Czech Republic


Moravian Karst, Czech Republic


Vallachian Kingdom, Czech Republic


One sadly famous area, Poland


Rome, Italy


Vatican City


Lachtal, Austria


Bratislava, Slovakia


Prague, Czech Republic


Dresden, Germany


Plitvitčka jezera national park, Croatia


Brač island, Croatia


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Bay of Kotor, Montenegro


Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Šolta island, Croatia


London, United Kingdom


Exchange studies, 100% worth it for all kinds of reason. Take it from a guy who has done it for 3 semesters already, if I only could do more.. 🙂

Hello from beyond the Artic Circle! (Location – Murmansk, Russia)

It’s been long 3 months while I was there – in the North of the world – the city of Murmansk.  I worked in the governmental organization in the special department of ministry of emergency as an environmental engineer’s assistant.  Looking back, I can say for sure that this experience was very important for me and helped to deepen my professional knowledge.

Murmansk is the city of charming but harsh nature, it is summer with never crossing the horizon sun and it is a place where the wind almost never stops. One thing that makes this place special is the famous – beyond polar circle – nightless nights. How does it feel? Great! In reality, the midnight sun helps you to be more energized, felling that you can stay up long into the night as your body begins to synchronize with the sky overhead. And also it looks amazing!

ItgvawucPCo 9Ro_YMZgVe8

Murmansk is also the northern fleet! Thus, it is totally normal thing to meet military people in the street, café or grocery store!


It might seem that the life is pretty sad due to the lack of the warmth, however for me it is one of the dearest places in the world, with its magical landscape and very warm-hearted people!

Ireland, Sláinte


Ireland has been just great so far! The weather has been a lot more clear than I thought it would be. We did have some snow here that actually stayed in the ground for so long that there were actual snowball fights (I heard that doesn’t happen really often here); and I thought I ran away from snow when I left from Finland!

It really seems just like a typical autumn weather in Finland.

We also had a power outage in school, and the school just ended when the power went out. Too bad it was our last class!

We also made a trip to Killarney with a exchange student group. We had a stop in Limerick on the way for the day, where we visited a castle and a museum. And this market, that had a great atmosphere and a nice selection of different things, as seen in the pictures 🙂IMG_20150124_135234 IMG_20150124_140449 IMG_20150124_135034

The school in the Athlone Institute of Technology in general is a bit different than the TAMK. The school is a bit more like high school, so as the teachers teach, expect you to take notes and they give more homework and individual work to do than they do in Finland. I feel rather happy on my own studies so far, as the native Irish students seem to be a little bit lazy and thus they make me feel that I’m actually very clever!

A little bit about the beers, Guinness is just lovely here in Ireland, definitely a lot better than it is in FinlanIMG_20150306_230437d. Don’t try Guinness in Finland, go to Ireland instead! You can’t really imagine how much it differs before you try it.

The picture on the left-hand side is one of my favorite craft beers I tried in Ireland, Rustbucket from the Kinnegar brewing. It’s a rye ale and the rye gives it a little bit sweetness but the taste is still quite strong and full of flavor.

I wish everyone has a nice stay 🙂

Greetings from Warsaw!

Dzien dobry! I spent my exchange in the Warsaw University of Technology in the faculty of Electronics and Information Technology.  The university had a lot of faculties, some pretty far from the city center but my faculty was luckily next to the main building, not far from the center.

2014-10-10 17.47.34
Movies in front of the University

I had an awesome trip, made a lot of new friends and got to know different cultures. Some may have a bad image of Poland but I have to say, Warsaw was a beautiful city and full of life all the time. The traffic may first seem a bit crazy but you get used to it quickly.

I would recommend going to Warsaw and if you ever do, you must go and try pierogis!

2014-10-06 16.42.05
View from Palace of Culture and Science, you can see the national stadium in the background
2014-12-12 16.10.11
Christmas market in Vienna

Hobbit premiere in Groningen


I finished my art-work for the exchange student exhibition today, just after an hour before opening. I made an altar for tea drinking. My work was an interactive installation where people can pick up a cup from the ‘cup circle’, then put a water kattle on on the top of the pedestal, and then rip tea-bag from the pedestal, which is covered by them. The exchange tutor and our drawing prophessor liked my work, so did my class mater. I was pretty happy about it- That was actually my first work that they have seen IRL which I have even finished :).63771_807521655961209_8316383723919632112_n10805616_10205743030640536_8532575177254279534_n

School has been quite hard when it comes to theory, my English has improve a lot and have to keep my english dictionary application on in every class. I wish that teacher don’t thin that I am facebooking or anything else. The rhetorics class exspecially has been really hard to understand, when the teacher uses pholosophycal terms which are in actient greek and the explaining is very academic English.

Instead of partying I went to see Hobbit premiere with my Dutch friend Anique. We met in theatre class in Usva which   is hobby culture center near by Minerva academy. During the class we’re making Into the Woods kind of play. Each of us could picked up a character from a fairytale, and our director Lena wrote a play for us. I have nerver act in English, which is quite hard. Exspeacially remembering the lines (and prepositions in sentences!)

At the premiere we where only one who were dressed up, it was little embarrasing, but c’mon it’s a premiere!!!

Hobbit was very touching and awesome movie. I cannot handle any critique about the movie yet. I am speecless. I love Middle Earth. (they haven’t subtitled elf-language and orc-language so I coudn’t understand some scenes, I have to watch the film again at the movies during the holiday in Finland!)

noppeli anique

Oy mate!





I spent my spring semester in England so this blog postcard comes a little late, sorry for that. Anyway, I had a very good trip overall. I studied some good courses (and also passed them) and I had good chances to travel around England and also in Scotland and Ireland.

Brits are very polite and nice people and it is easy to get along with them. There are lot places to see around there. I am pretty sure that I will go there one day and visit the places I didn’t  visit during my exchange period.  I am very happy that I went to UK and saw all the places and people, it is definitely something I will remember for all my life.