South Korea- A convergence between tradition and modernity

I came to South Korea during a day of Autumn. I was stunning at the beautiful scenery on the way from airport to the university dormitory. The leaf turned yellow and red, the weather was a bit chilly.

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My first impression towards South Korea was that it was indeed a convergence between the tradition and modernity. Firstly, the modern skyscrapers were everywhere in the capital, people were wearing business costume with a hurry pace.  In contrast, in the middle of the city, there were many old palaces existing for thousands of years with a long historical stories. Besides, there were also traditional villages which brought priceless value. There was a very calm and slow pace in these places, people were wearing traditional clothes to maintain the historical traditions as much as they can.

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The food here was very diverse and extremely tasty. I also came from an Asian country which is famous of eating spicy food. Therefore, i hardy have any difficulty in tasting spiciness which is the commonly used flavour in South Korea.

2014-09-19 20.44.19


My university was pretty cool. Since it was the oldest university in South Korea which has the image in the Korean money paper, i could clearly see the differences in the traditional and modern architecture.

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My campus was in Seoul and it was obviously a modern building with a lot of advanced technologies used for teaching. Professors were good at English and their way of teaching method was quite theoretical- based compare the practical approach used at Tamk. The exam was quite intense and serious. As far as i know from what Korean students told me, students need to study hard to get compete others for scholarship and a good transcript of record, it will ensure to get them a better job in the future.

It was a great feeling to spend the autumn semester here in South Korea. Many things to experience and great memory!

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