Japan is a wonderful and beautiful country to visit, stay and to do the studies. I arrived in Sapporo, Japan on April 4, 2015 at Chitose International Airport and I was picked up by Dr. Ilto to my apartment which was located North 12, East 2. During the time I arrived, Japanese people were celebrating cherry blossom the symbol of love, family unit and friends coming together to enjoy good moments of the year. Cherry blossom is characterized by trees flowering with different colors thus giving the environment a sense of beauty and attractiveness. And during this period the weather was very good.

During a four days national holiday in Japan, I was privileged to travel with my friends to various places in Hokkaido Island starting from Sapporo to as far as matsumae. I had a good moment with friends and enjoyed the trip. During our journey we kept on stopping and viewing some volcanic eruptions residues, Cherry blossoms, eating, listening to the history of Japan and having wind bath along sea coast. The journey took us two days to go round, on the map the red line shows the route we took, I must say that it was a wonderful moment to see the beauty of nature unrevealing itself in such a manner.

The map of Hokkaido Island, Japan

Some of the moment we cherished so much was togetherness, laughing, eating and posing for pictures, as shown below.

Matsume trip.PNG 2
The beautiful moments of the two days tour in Hokkaido Island, Japan.

Matsume trip.PNG 3

Matsume trip.PNG 4

In the pictures you can see the happy faces, cherry blossom, the Japanese temple, sulfur on the volcanic eruption site and the mountains

Another moment which captured my attention was the initiative of African student studying at Hokkaido University hosting an African day event. The event was spectacular and wonderful, I was pleased to part of it. Hokkaido University consist of different international student from all walks of life and having event like African day or other events hosted by international student are very productive and enhances team work, peace,support and eliminate all kinds of discrimination within the campus. Below are the pictures of the event.

African day event.1African day event.2

The moment at African day event with lovely people

african words

Some event was to wonderful to forget, like this one shown below. The wearing of Japanese traditional dress known as Kimono. During this event we were served green tea which is characterized by bitter test prepared in front of us. Kimono is a traditional dress which is highly valued by Japanese people.

Wearing Kimono, Japanese traditional dress.

Despite my engagement in all this mentioned activities, I had time to spend with my fellow laboratory student. I enjoyed each moment we spend together both leisure and academic time. Academically I learnt a lot via observation, discussions, practicing and instruction, and during leisure time we cherished each other and we had good moments.

fellow labs.1
fellow labs Environmental engineers in the division of Sanitation enjoying themselves.

Overall the internship period was remarkable and nothing to regret. Japan is a beautiful country, you must visit. My journey began from Tampere all the way to Japan, Sapporo and back to Tampere, Finland. Throughout this journey I saw the beauty of nature, the breathing of seas and was surrounded by good friends who cared and helped me a lot thus the journey of leisure and academic fulfillment was achieved with excellence.

Japan 1



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