The Heart of Europe

It was a dark and rainy night when I arrived in Brussels. Journey from the airport to my to-be apartment was somewhat an adventure itself since navigation in an unfamiliar city was rather challenging. Also I didn’t know that my apartment would be in the middle of Turkish/Moroccan neighbourhood which btw. offered some great ethnic food stores!

At first, Brussels might seem a bit grey all business type of a city, but when you roam around and take a few alleyways (or just simply get lost), you can really feel the diversity and strong subcultures of the city! Personally I happen to love going to “underground” places and seeing life beyond the facade.

Graffiti in the centre of Brussels

The School and especially schoolmates have been awesome too! I found out that I’m not going to attend a lot of lectures and “basic school”, but instead I’m going to do a lot of projects! I was super excited, because I love film making and I think that’s the best way of learning about culture and Belgian way of film making. Even though I’m the only exchange student in the whole building (the film and television unit is separated from the main campus) I haven’t felt lonely. I’ve made a lot of friends and hope that they will last even after my exchange 🙂




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