Czechin’ out Brno

The eagle has landed. We are finally here in Czech Republic the country of beer! Should be a nice place for a beer loving Finn to call home.

Cash is king: First culture shock I experienced was to see that my debit card wasn’t going to be used as much as I was used to. Even the rent was paid by cash. It’s really weird how this country which is so fond of regulations is run by cash – although I guess that’s where the accusations of corruption arise from.

The city: Even though Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic it’s not ridden with tourists which makes it a nice change from Prague. It is also a lot more cheaper than the capitol. The public transport works perfectly and the people seem to be relaxed. Brno has their own historical figures and monuments such as the disliked clock in the center of the city and the Brno dragon.

Brno dragon

School: Our Business Faculty is right next to the dorms so going to classes is easy. The teaching methods don’t seem to differ much from the Finnish way even though this time I’m in a university. The school building is modern and clean so it is a nice place study at. The rules for computer labs are crazy strict so I had to order a laptop for myself.

Computer lab with strict rules. Cellphones were to be turned off. No jackets, no bags, no food or drinks.

Food & Drinks: Wow do I love the beer and food culture here! Almost every restaurant has a 2-3 course lunch menu ranging from 3 to 4 euros. Beer is an everyday beverage and you can see Czech students having a beer in the morning before their classes. There are local breweries and some restaurants brew their own beer.  Also Brno being in Southern-Moravia we are in wine country so locally made white wine can be bought at any kiosk. Czech cuisine is really salty by default and the portion sizes are laaaaaarge. Also food can be ordered in every pub which makes eating out easy as breeze.

Pig’s knee. By far the biggest portion I’ve ever received in a restaurant
DSC_0090 (2)
Green beer brewed just for Easter celebrations


Wine tasting in Znojmo. Close to Austrian border.

Travel: Brno has an amazing location and its bus connections are among the best. It’s really easy to travel to almost anywhere in Europe. To Vienna it takes around 2h!

Cesky Krumlov



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