Finding Seoul…

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Seoul is a wonderful city, with streets filled with music and people. The old and the new are mixed interestingly throughout the city and the culture. People are really friendly although some are a bit shy to speak English.


It’s nothing like home, but I feel really welcomed here. Konkuk University has a lovely campus and just like Seoul it is big and you can feel overwhelmed by it all. Luckily I’ve met a lot of nice people who have been showing me around and introduced me to delicious meals.

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I managed to get into most of the courses I wanted with the help of the international coordinator. He was really a wonderful and helpful person. The courses were marked as English courses, but there were a lot of times when the teacher was teaching in Korean. I didn’t mind, because the assignments and most important things were always explained in English as well.

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There is so much to see and experience in Korea. The school arranged a few field trips, which were amazing. We also went traveling around Seoul and Korea with friends. I’ve learned so much about different cultures and myself. Being an exchange student gives you a unique opportunity to get to know a different culture as well as meet people from all over the world. It will open your eyes in a new way, I would recommend it for everyone.

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