How did you end up here?


Alright I’ve heard this a couple of times. I’m doing my exchange period in Wolverhampton, West Midlands and I got to tell you it’s not your everyday tourist location. I’m not saying it’s bad but people here a bit surprised by you popping in, kind of like Finns to be fair.

The town

I’ve been to England a couple of times before and really liked it. I still do and London is absolutely my favourite city. Wolverhampton is an old industrial city with a population of 253 000 people. The university is nice and modern and the uni buildings really step out amongst all of the old churches and other buildings. The university has quite a lot of international students actually and I’m living in the halls with some spanish, german and taiwanese people.

Wolves home arena

Studying has been really interesting and I like to see different ways of teaching and new aspects on my own field of study which is construction management. In my spare time I’m doing my old hobbies that include gym and running but I have also joined the university’s Ultimate frisbee team Airwolf. Playing in the uni team with the locals has made me loads of new friends in socials and on the field.


I arrived to England three weeks before uni started and spent the time with my girlfriend who studies in Canterbury which is in southern part of England. There is a clear contrast between the north and the south. Everything above London is ”the north” and most of the money is in the southern parts. Canterbury is a really beautiful small city where I like spending my time.

Overall I like studying in England and plan to see some more sides of the country!

Kind regards,

Jere Nurmi

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