Magical Moravian Moments


…No I have not turned into a sailor, in case you wondered, it is just the Czech way of saying hi. Remember that cute little cartoon character, the Mole? Well he says it quite a lot and it used to be one of my favorite shows as a kid so… I guess I started learning Czech at a pretty young age!


I  decided to go to Brno, Czech Republic for my Erasmus exchange but I still don’t quite know why or how I ended up choosing this place. Nevertheless, I couldn’t be happier.

I didn’t know much about the country itself beforehand, and what I did know was pretty much limited to the beer and hockey culture of Czechs. In fact, Czech Republic happened to be THE place to be for the Ice Hockey World Championship 2015!

Yeah… That game didn’t go too well for us…
…but at least the beer and the atmosphere were great!



It feels exciting and thrilling to get to explore all the places here and around and to get to know a lot of great new people. I am having so much fun travelling, socializing, spending time with new friends and going to such great events. We even had a tram party with comics theme!

It isn’t all about the fun and games though. I’ve got 30 credits worth of courses at Masaryk University (a little bit ambitious goal, as it turns out). The studies are very much based on theory and most of my courses are focusing on Czech history and  Czech economy. The workload is huge but at least I have learned a lot more about Czech business life than I thought I would.

Czech Republic is a surprisingly similar country to Finland. The people act quite the same way; a wide smile is rare sight and people stare quietly out of the windows at the public transportation. However, czechs are pretty laid back even though they seem hard from the outside! They love to spice up the conversations with sarcastic jokes and are very polite. During the time I’ve spent in Brno… I haven’t even seen a single barfight! Everyone is just having a good time.

Brno is a beautiful, warmhearted, tourist-free city that I would recommend everyone to visit. Prague is fantastic too but there is truly something about this place that makes it feel more welcoming. I know I will be back someday.

Brno from Spilberk castle

I am definitely in love with Brno.

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  1. I so agree with you! Both, Brno and Czech people are great and they’re quite similar to us Finns. 🙂

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