Surf’s Up in Ireland!

Dia duit! Or hello, if you are more familiar with this kind of greeting.

So far Ireland has for sure been an interesting experience. It is far different from Finland than what I ever expected. It has its positives and negatives. As my exchange started I already felt like I was swamped with school work. Studying here is very different from what it is like in TAMK. Homework is given out each day, and corrected in the next class. It is much more like “high school” thank Finnish universities of applied sciences are.

I feel like I have done a good job in my courses so far though, even though the beginning was really difficult. I feel like many students here do not take the school seriously. It saddens me. There are few other exchange students in my class, and I feel like all of them are handling the classes better than many of the natives students.

Athlone, my exchange city, is located right in the middle of Ireland does not have beautiful coastal scenery that Ireland is very famous for. It does have some cool features nevertheless. The oldest pub in Europe is located in Athlone. An old castle, cleverly named Athlone Castle is also located right in the centre of the town. Athlone Castle. Tower of the Athlone Cathedral. Irish Coffee from the Oldest Irish Pub

Apart from studies I have been lucky enough to be able to travel a little around the country. I have visited the capital city Dublin a few times. I have visited different historical sites, museums, famous architecture, and even a few pubs. Dublin is the most popular area for tourism in Ireland, and it also has many things to offer. Dublin has something to offer for everyone. Dublin Writer's Museum. The Temple Bar Pub in Temple Bar Ha'penny Bridge. Molly Malone, my mother, and I.

One of the highlights of my exchange so far been the trip to Donegal in South-West of Ireland. There I attended a day of surfing in the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean with about 20 other exchange students. If you ever visit Ireland, County Donegal is a must! I hope to visit the place in the summer time in the future! Surf’s up and enjoy Ireland!

Surf's Up!

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