Hobbit premiere in Groningen


I finished my art-work for the exchange student exhibition today, just after an hour before opening. I made an altar for tea drinking. My work was an interactive installation where people can pick up a cup from the ‘cup circle’, then put a water kattle on on the top of the pedestal, and then rip tea-bag from the pedestal, which is covered by them. The exchange tutor and our drawing prophessor liked my work, so did my class mater. I was pretty happy about it- That was actually my first work that they have seen IRL which I have even finished :).63771_807521655961209_8316383723919632112_n10805616_10205743030640536_8532575177254279534_n

School has been quite hard when it comes to theory, my English has improve a lot and have to keep my english dictionary application on in every class. I wish that teacher don’t thin that I am facebooking or anything else. The rhetorics class exspecially has been really hard to understand, when the teacher uses pholosophycal terms which are in actient greek and the explaining is very academic English.

Instead of partying I went to see Hobbit premiere with my Dutch friend Anique. We met in theatre class in Usva which   is hobby culture center near by Minerva academy. During the class we’re making Into the Woods kind of play. Each of us could picked up a character from a fairytale, and our director Lena wrote a play for us. I have nerver act in English, which is quite hard. Exspeacially remembering the lines (and prepositions in sentences!)

At the premiere we where only one who were dressed up, it was little embarrasing, but c’mon it’s a premiere!!!

Hobbit was very touching and awesome movie. I cannot handle any critique about the movie yet. I am speecless. I love Middle Earth. (they haven’t subtitled elf-language and orc-language so I coudn’t understand some scenes, I have to watch the film again at the movies during the holiday in Finland!)

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