Ireland, Sláinte


Ireland has been just great so far! The weather has been a lot more clear than I thought it would be. We did have some snow here that actually stayed in the ground for so long that there were actual snowball fights (I heard that doesn’t happen really often here); and I thought I ran away from snow when I left from Finland!

It really seems just like a typical autumn weather in Finland.

We also had a power outage in school, and the school just ended when the power went out. Too bad it was our last class!

We also made a trip to Killarney with a exchange student group. We had a stop in Limerick on the way for the day, where we visited a castle and a museum. And this market, that had a great atmosphere and a nice selection of different things, as seen in the pictures 🙂IMG_20150124_135234 IMG_20150124_140449 IMG_20150124_135034

The school in the Athlone Institute of Technology in general is a bit different than the TAMK. The school is a bit more like high school, so as the teachers teach, expect you to take notes and they give more homework and individual work to do than they do in Finland. I feel rather happy on my own studies so far, as the native Irish students seem to be a little bit lazy and thus they make me feel that I’m actually very clever!

A little bit about the beers, Guinness is just lovely here in Ireland, definitely a lot better than it is in FinlanIMG_20150306_230437d. Don’t try Guinness in Finland, go to Ireland instead! You can’t really imagine how much it differs before you try it.

The picture on the left-hand side is one of my favorite craft beers I tried in Ireland, Rustbucket from the Kinnegar brewing. It’s a rye ale and the rye gives it a little bit sweetness but the taste is still quite strong and full of flavor.

I wish everyone has a nice stay 🙂

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