Greetings from Slovakia!




Mala Fatra

Studying in Slovakia is pretty much like studying in Finland, you have lectures and assignments. In my case, however, it happens that there is only one another Erasmus+ student in our Faculty (Faculty of Special Engineering) this semester besides me.. ūüėÄ So we just have meetings with the teachers every or every other week and do some assignments accordingly.¬†Studying takes about four to five hours for each subject in a week.

Slovakia has an amazing nature. The picture above is taken from Mala Fatra, a mountain very near Zilina (the city I’m staying at). In Mala Fatra, there are lots of different hiking trails to choose from and you can even find old castles on your way up. Zilina is also nicely located if you like to travel, there are direct trains at least to the largest cities in Slovakia as well as to the main cities in neighbour countries.


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