Hello Malta!

I have settled here super well and started my training in a 5 star spa resort hotel. The work seems quite challenging since in this complex we not only have 2 hotels, 3 spa sections, dentist, hairdresser, physiotherapist but also 8 restaurants and what I need to do on a daily basis is to take bookings for each of these restaurants. I’ve learned a lot and the pace here is pretty slow. The orientation is not probably as great as it could be but I learn a lot by just monitoring what other people do. Most of the residents of the hotel are retired, so they fortunately have no hurry and everyone’s patient with me.

The island itself is breath-takingly beautiful! My summer here seems to last forever since it’s still almost 30  degrees here during the daytime. I live in the hotel itself in a staff accommodation and the location couldn’t be any better. I live in the tip of Sliema facing the Valletta harbour. The view from the hotel is beautiful and I love to take evening walks here in the neighbourhood. The night life is very lively and all the pubs and restaurants are full in the evenings. You can hear a lot of Scandinavian languages been spoken in public, it seems to be a very popular destination for Finns as well.

So far so good! Let’s just hope the good vibes will continue all through my practical training period! Good luck to everyone and see you back home if anyone of us will even want to return!




With love, Ida

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