Sex, Drugs and Dance Music!

Well, at least the last one. ūüėÄ


I’m in Amsterdam and it has been quite shock to someone who use to hang around rock music (pubs and gigs) to getting used to this city of EDM. It’s dance dance dance all the way. Especially because I’m also studying Event Management that basically is either dance events or sport. But I can’t really complain, I’ve been planning events for Wimbledon, formatting reality TV and writing blogs to market my minor.

Apart that there’s party everyday if you wish so. I don’t even know how many student societies there are but if none of them is organizing party at least one is happening in your own building. Or you can travel. It’s cheap to go anywhere. Take a plane, train or bus and go somewhere, there are thousands or opportunities. If you don’t know who to go with, there’s always trips by one of the student societies’ to Berlin, Prague or M√ľnchen’s Octoberfest, if you wish. ¬†Or take a study trip to London like our minor. Nothing to complain. It was awesome!


I could write forever as there is so much to do but I’m just gonna let photos speak for me.

Dank je wel!








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