Vineyards, heurigers and monasteries – Servus aus Österreich!





I’ve been here already 5 weeks, but it feels like I’ve just arrived, as every week is full of new adventures.

The school is actually only about to begin properly, so I have not so much to tell about the studies. We’re having mostly lectures and it turned out to be a lot easier to follow the lessons than I assumed beforehand. Our school has two locations: a newer campus with brand new buildings and modern equipment (picture above) and the other campus, that I’m studying in, is an old monastery with totally different environment and atmosphere.

20150930_14113320150930_140549On my spare time I’ve explored some bigger cities, but also plenty of smaller towns in the nearby area by bicycle. I visited Bratislava in Slovakia, but I’m also planning to travel elsewhere abroad. ask women I love this region, where the river Danube flows through the valleys full of tiny towns and hundreds of vineyards.20151003_163638IMG_4071Austria and especially the Wachau area with the wide range of cheap local and imported wines turned out to be the promised land of a wine lover like myself. For anyone travelling nearby I would recommend to pay a visit to a Heuriger, wine tavern, and enjoy a glass of heuriger, recent year’s young wine, with a plate of meats and cheeses for an affordable price.20151002_212734  20151003_170957

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