In Amsterdam

Greetings from Amsterdam!

I have lived here little bit over two months now and I couldn’t be happier I ended up in this amazing city. Amsterdam is everything I imagined and even more – it’s beautiful, there’s a lot to see and experience and it’s also very easy to travel to other cities or near by countries. In addition, the school has been better that I thought it would be. I’m studying marketing and I’ve been pretty satisfied with all of my courses. Teachers speak good english (at least usually) and you get a lot of experience in teamwork and presenting. Teachers are a bit more strict here than in Finland, but at least you learn how to handle criticism and it also motivates you to study your subjects.

Even though it’s autumn now, it’s been really warm, about 15 degrees which I’m very happy about. I live in Bijlmer, which is a bit far from the city center, but as a real Amsterdammer I have a bike so it’s no problem. Also, there’s a metro and a train right next to my place. The best part is that my building is right next to my school.
P8180561P9171199P8190635P9171159P8280726I highly recommend Amsterdam as an exchange location. There’s always something to do here and I guarantee a good time. When I started here, there were approx. 950 new exchange students starting, so you wont end up having no friends either. 😀 I think Amsterdam has something for everyone.

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