Discovering Frankfurt

Hallo! Greetings from Germany!

I moved to Frankfurt for my exchange almost three months ago, time has gone by so quickly! The first one and a half months here were an orientation period, they really like to do it thoroughly here. For two weeks we were allowed time to settle in and the school organized a lot of events to socialize and see some places in and around the city. Then it was time to start studying, in the form of an intensive German course. Of course everyone here needs to know some German, Germans really love their language and are not always so willing to speak English. But Frankfurt is actually a very international city, being such an important financial center, and it’s also possible to get by here with just English. In mid-October the semester started and so did my business studies. The courses offered for international students don’t seem to be very hard, but studying is quite independent. It doesn’t seem to be too different from Tamk though. Only thing that might cause some more stress is the exam period that will be in the end of February, but no time to fret about that yet!

Heart of Frankfurt’s old town, Römerberg
Main river
Evening view of Main river in Frankfurt

The beginning of school was slow, which gave me time to get to know some new people, Germany has some great cheap beer which was also helpful! I did also try the local delicacy, Apfelwine, but it wasn’t quite for me. Then I started going to the gym, which means not so much beer for me anymore, but it’s really nice to be active here like that. I haven’t been able to travel very much yet, but I have been to Cologne to see their massive cathedral and the chocolate museum. I did also have a nice proper vacation in Madeira (it was my second time there) which was awesome. It’s rather rainy here in Frankfurt and the sunshine sure was a nice change. Now I’m hoping to have some snow here too, but might have to go up to the little mountain close by to see it.

Views in Strasbourg
Cologne cathedral
Cologne cathedral
Dolphins by the coast of Madeira island

I’m also looking forward to the Christmas market here which is starting in a few days. I’m sure all the little booths filled with Christmas lights, warm Glühwein and little sweets will help me get into the holiday spirit, even if there’s no snow. Also my family is coming here to see the market, so it’ll be great going there together and showing them around. I still have a lot to look forward to during my exchange and I’m really happy to have this whole new experience in my life.

Viele Grüße, Päivi

Frankfurt sunset
Sunset by vineyards in Frankfurt

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