Life in Vic, Spain

Hello everyone!

My name is Paavo Pengermä. Back in Finland I’m studying in Tampere University of Applied sciences in degree programme of Film and Television. This fall semester 2015 I’m doing my exchange studies in Vic, Spain.

In this post I want to show you guys more or less all that I’ve been doing here during this awesome experience. I’ve been staying Spain now for almost 4 months and time has gone so fast. We have done all kinds of awesome things here such ass partying with other erasmus students, skateboarding in Barcelona, exploring other cities in Spain, travelling to Africa and France & surfing there, hiking in Pyrenees, playing basketball in the university team, and of course also studying a little bit. 😀
All my course choices has been good and I’ve enjoyed more or less every course. They aren’t too demanding eighter which leaves time for travelling & other fun stuff.

A picture tells more than a thousand words so here I have a whole gallery of pictures that should sum up quite nicely my experiences here.

To sum all this together. The experience has been really awesome like I said already. I hadn’t been travelling too much before coming here but now I’ve changed that. 🙂 I’ve seen and experienced a lot of cool stuff and learned a lot of new cultures. I definitely recommend everyone to do exchange studies. It’s a once in a life time thing that teaches you a lot, gives you new friends from all around the world and makes you one huge experience richer.
Even though Spain is great and I have always loved it, I’ve noticed after 4 months of living here that Finland is actually a really great country to live in. That’s what I’ve used to and the culture is more like me in general. Also everything seems to work faster and better in Finland. So for me travel is great but my home is always home.

Best regards
Paavo Pengermä


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