Daily life in Seoul

Greetings from South Korea,

It’s been around three months since I first arrived to Seoul and during this time I’ve settled in well. As a developed nation South Korea seems to be very similar to Finland: Public transportation system is well organized, food is good and Koreans are very polite. Also the lectures in Kyung Hee University are quite similar to TAMK’s, the amount of people is rarely an issue and overall everything has gone very smoothly.

The main reason I wanted to go to Asia was to learn about different cultures. Korea has a traditional confucian culture, which is visible everyday. Elders are respected, confusian temples are all around Seoul and there are plenty of traditions which originate from confucianism. I’ve really enjoyed this aspect of Seoul, and it might be one of the biggest differences between Souh Korea and Finland.

Here are a few pictures:


Left: Kyung Hee University      –  Right: Busan


Left: Temple/ traditional martial arts    –   Right: Mountain view from my apartment


Traditional music vs. K-pop

– Joonas Mansikka


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