Greetings from Seoul!

I have been here three months now and it has been awesome! The campus area is beautiful and it’s starts to be colder already. It was actually snowing yesterday! The first week went fast when I was getting to know to the city and the school. What surprised me that there were not actually that much people what I first expected. The city is so big and I have still so much to explore.


South Korea has its own thanksgiving celebration called chuseok. We visited Busan in that holiday. It is a seaside city in the south and we went there by bus which took five hours. At the holiday we just relaxed and visited the aquarium which was really nice.


I have also been in couple of events such as Korean pop concert. I also did an ancient Korean exam which included for example fan painting and archery.  I attended to an event where we saw traditional Korean music and dance performance. This was really nice since there were only 25 of us in the whole palace area.


My courses have been really interesting but rather easy. One thing which was surprising was the amount of group works. I had an image that here the individual work would be more emphasized than group works. We study specific courses throughout the semester (no period system like in Finland) so we had midterm exams and final exams. In my opinion those exams have been really easy.


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