Practice in Portugal

Finally my first practice here is over.

I started my practice 14.9.2015 in Health care center. My learning goals was spoke little with people and understand them. See the new culture and different ways take care people. Learn things what I can use in Finland and things what I can`t use there. I think that my learning goals was realistic  First days was really hard because I can`t do nothing. I dont know what I have to do, so I only follow what nurses made. I`m really lucky, because same time there was other student Sofia who helps me a lot. I really try to do all of things, but language was problem. It was so easy to be there because nurse spoke good English. Maybe she has little bit problems understand me sometimes. I admire nurses way to face patiens. She was so friendly, polite and she has good workmanship. Here nurses are relaxed. In Finland we are too formal.

Here nurses talk with other nurses and I think that is good, because they help if somebody have lot of patiens and they know hole situation. Cooperation with the dogtor is really good. First nurses take all necessary measurements and talk with patient and then patient go to the doctors room. Doctor dont have to take anymore them and they can only focus other things. In some situations nurse have to help doctor. Example when the doctor take a papa-test.

Here is different way to take care like a wounds. I saw first time many new ways take care. I tryed explane how we improve wounds. Here they use a lot Betadine and we in Finland dont. Normally I use everytime gloves but here I learn make sterile ”compressas”. I can clean wound without golves. I got take off wound sutures. Im do that only once so it was good practise for me.

We had home care places and it opened my eyes. First I think that nobody cant live here, windows was broken and house was really old. I understand now how lucky I am. Next house was better, and we did there wound care.  I think it`s really good that nurses go elderly peoples house and see hole situation. Most people cant go to the hospital, so its good that someone go theirs house. And I think that home care  prevents illness and and they can live at home longer. Home is always home where people want to be.

I was in Cozinha comunitaria with other nurse. There was lot of people. I took a blood pressure and other nurses took weight and asked questions. They try to prevents diabetes. Nurse told them about stoke, heart attack etc. I dont understood a lot because she told Portuguese. Maybe two days later I was with the same nurse and other students in school. We counted there childrens BMI values. We make a ”playground” for them and I think that they had fun. I really like kids and that day was fabulous. I took childrens hight so I learned numbers in portuguese. Kids are our future.


I was involved in the five days program. First I learned fruits name in portuguese. Then I was in fruit factory with other students and we told to childrens why they should eat fruits everyday. What vitamines is different fruits.  I try to do all things and talk with childrens. We had many different groups some groupe was really wild, but still we “survive”.  Childrens made fruit salad and we made smoothies for them. Its important teach them eat healthy food. And hopefully they will eat many fruits after that.

I`m in dance group. Reason why I`m in is diabetes. We will dance in shopping center Dolce Vita. We have a blue t-shirt where is diabetes logo, character. We are practice that dance couple times and it was fun. I`m little bit scary, because I`m not a dancer. But nobody else isin`t too, it helps me that I can do something like that. For me it is big thing. We try to tell about diabetes with dance for people.


Im travel a lot here. Im been in Alagarve, Porto and Lisboa. One day me and my Erasmus friends rented a car and we travel Aveiro, there was big beach and weather was good. Im visited many cultur places and meet many new people here. Im really lucky that I choose this city.


Ofcourse I`m party here too with my friends and I really can`t understand how those people can party hole night. They are crazy 😀 But I think that we have to “Aproveite sua vida<3”




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