Warszawa, drugim domem

IMG_20151005_174533715Dzień dobry! I started my study exchange period in Warsaw University of Technology in Poland last October. My field of studies is Building Services Engineering with focus on HVAC, but during my exchange period I have been stud ying in the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. So my studies here don’t have that much in common with my studies in Finland, but it has been an interesting trip and I’ve learned a lot.


I’ve been mainly studying telecommunications with some programming mixed in. The faculty has an English study programme here, all the Erasmus students attend regular classes with the full time students. Studying a different major in a University of Technology has had its own problems, but so far I’ve been able to follow all my classes. Classes are a lot more theoretical here than in TAMK, but most of the professors have great English proficiency so at least there isn’t a language barrier.IMG_20151206_153743267

There are people from all over the world including India, Spain, Turkey, Ecuador and South Korea.  Also in Warsaw there’s a lot of Universities besides WUT so I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people during my Erasmus and I continue to meet more and more every week.


IMG_20151003_124534552There’s always something to do as it’s pretty easy to gather a group of friends and hangout, try an escape room or just shoot at each other for a couple hours on the paintball field. The local ESN organisation organizes a lot of event ranging from city tours to swing jumps and also a lot of trips, which are quite affordable and an easy way to travel if you don’t want to organize everything by yourself.

When I first came here I didn’t know much about Poland, but it seems like a great country. Sometimes
you can feel a bit like an outsider in Poland as like in Finland it’s a really uniform country culturally. The overwhelming majority speaks Polish while English levels vary wildly. But it’s definitely possible to survive here while not knowing Polish. All in all Warsaw doesn’t differ that much of Helsinki, it’s just a bit bigger even though it’s easy to get around in the city center by foot. I would also recommend visiting Kraków, which is a really beautiful city with all its old buildings and great views.


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