Greetings from Terrassa!

I have lived four months in Terrassa, what is city close of Barcelona. Here I’m studying in Escola d’Enginyeria de Terrassa, which is part of Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, UPC. My studies here have been more or less electricity instead of my mechanical line in Finland. Studying here has been different than excepted and courses have caused lot of work for me. Luckily the most of classes have had in English, although teacher’s language skills haven’t been so good.

School in Terrassa

It has taken a while to used to small talk what local people are doing here. People are also more open minded here and therefore they are asking strangers to parties, football matches dinner etc. They are also friendly and ready to help with your troubles.

Traditionally local food, Paella

Terrassa is a nice city without touristic and peaceful place to live, but there aren’t so much nice things to spend your free time.  Luckily Barcelona is only 40 minutes way by metro and there are a lot of things to experience.

FC Barcelona – AS Roma, Camp Nou stadium


Montjuic and Placa Espanya in Barcelona


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