Crikey, it’s UK innit!

Greetings from England!

This blog post is a bit late, so for your information I am reflecting on the time around February – April 2015 in particular.

I had the pleasure of coming to one of the best areas to live in London for my training, Balham – which is one of those areas that have gotten ‘posher’ over time. While the area is still very expensive, the rents are bearable. And the area has the biggest and loveliest commons. Central London is a very short tube journey away (20 minutes give or take a few). Here you can see a few examples of Clapham and Wandsworth Commons that make the area so much nicer. Still the area is surprisingly close to River Thames and the Central London.


As London is the city of commuters, my training period in that sense is not that much different from the typical nuisance a Londoner experiences. Although the commute usually is to Central London, but we had the pleasure of travelling to Manchester. Which usually meant enjoying the rainy view of M6/M1 or M40 through a car window for a few hours.


My practical training period has included all sorts of marketing work and grasping the functions and different parts of how a cosmetic surgery group works and its marketing works. And what kind of different obstacles and things have to be taken in consideration the very unconventional area of business causes.

Here is my typical breakfast at the hospital which consists of a large cup of Costa cappuccino with some cereal. And in this picture there is a 800 cc implant that was lying around the office as a sample.


And the most common wildlife you can come across in London is: Foxes. Like in the following picture, fox pups are cute indeed – HOWEVER the sound that they make is like babies crying and that can be really unbearable in the middle of the night. The sound of adult foxes sound when they are mating or going through the rubbish and doing whatever in the middle of the night is rather unbearable too. One can think of a hellish creature eating its own babies and attempting to sing all the death metal songs at once and being blended in a food processor – to just even try to describe the fiendish sound they make.


The necessary random picture: (Virgin Trains)


Over all I am very pleased with London and I can definitely see myself living in here and starting my professional career here after graduation.

TLDR: If you come to London, South West is the place to be! Unless if you appreciate dirty and rough areas, then feel free to bugger off to East London. 🙂

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