met vriendelijke groeten from the Netherlands

Well.. where would I start? My exchange has had more events that could have ever imagined, both good and not so good.

The action started on the day I got to the Netherlands. I found out that the dorm is under renovation and there’s no certainty on when we would be able to go back. So I spent the first weekend in a hotel. Then we moved to a small cruise ship! It wa
s kind of old, the rooms were really small and we didn’t have wifi. That was actually pretty great because everybody got to know each other very well because there was nothing else to do than IMG_0001hang out the a bigger common room. We lived on the first boat for a month and then moved to another, bigger and newer boat. It was the same thing there. When we finally got to move back to the dorm in lateOctober, we looked back at the time spent on the boats and realized that even though it was challenging and out of the comfort zone, it was great because by then we all knew each others and has become really good friends.

IMG_0705Rotterdam as a city is about the size of Helsinki. It is a bit different from other Dutch cities because it was basically bombed down during the WW2 so they’ve had to build it all over since then. This has made this city to be sort of an architectural melting pot because the city is full of relatively new buildings, some being more weird than others.

School here in the Netherlands in very competitive, everybody wants to get good grades. We have had a lot of group work which has been somewhat challenging because even though the Dutch are very social, they are also very independent and like to most of the school work alone. So most of the times, we would just divide work and do it at home. Nice things about the school here are that we don’t have a lot of lectures but we’re doing most of the work on our spare time and that we are working for a real company which makes it more challenging and requires more logical thinking.

I have travelled to sevIMG_0003eral countries during the exchange. It is really easy to go to places by a train and it is not even very expensive. For example a train to Paris took only two hours. Seeing other countries has been one of the best things during the exchange. I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben in London and the European Parliament in Brussels.

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