Dobrý den from Czech Republic

Greetings from Czech Republic and it’s beautiful capital city Prague

Before coming here I didn’t know pretty much anything about this country, other than cheap beer and some sights. But now that I’ve already been here quite a long time, I absolutely love this place. Beer is indeed cheap, and really good aswell! Also there is so much to see here so Prague is definitely one of the capitals of Europe.

I’m studying in the Czech Technical University of Prague, which is the best and most valued Technical University in CR. Even though it’s an University, my bachelor studies have been very similar compared to my studies in TAMK. Teaching methods are very similar. Teachers give lectures and there are some final seminar works and tasks you need to complete.  Most of the teachers speak good and understandable English. English language in general among Czechs isn’t that great, which is one of the few things I dislike here. The weather has been nice and sunny here during autumn, so I’m not missing Finnish autumn sleet rain and darkness at all!

I live in a dormitory very close to the campus. It’s called Masarykova Kolej, which is amongst best dormitories. Although the quality of living is low compared to Finnish standards, it’s still a funny experience, rather cheap and you definitely won’t be lonely! It’s very easy for you to get new friends and to meet people around the world.

Jedna pivo prosím

Czech food is rather good and cheap. I usually go out with my friends to have a lunch or  dinner in restaurant. Average meal costs around 5- 7 euros with beer as drink. Beer costs usually around 1- 2 euros, so it’s basicly costs as much as ordered water. Cost of living in general is about half compared to Finland

Also travelling is very cheap, easy and comfortable in CR. The location is great, so it’s more than easy to visit other great European cities close by, such as Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Krakow and so on. For example, bus to Budapest costs 17 euros. I plan to travel here as much as possible.

Here’s some pictures:

Svíčková with dumplings
with bread dumblings

St. Vitus Cathredal in Prague Castle

Old Town Square

View of Budapest


Nature in CR

Thank you for reading and na shledanou!

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