Having fun in Malmö

My exchange has started very well. Malmö Academy of Music is as good school as what I heard it would be before coming here. Althought information doesn’t move between school and students any better than anywhere else. 😉 The school has made practising very easy for students and that’s why most of my days are pretty long. My teacher is awesome and very inspiring, and I have progressed a lot in my playing thanks to him. The school has five other french horn students and it’s really nice to work with them.

12647105_10153995016879662_7336307590606391351_nLast week we had our first symphony orchestra project. Our school had first time a concert in the Malmö Live which is Malmö’s brand new concert hall. That was one of the best experiences that I have ever had. The concert hall was as good as every musicians has here said.I have already got lots of new friends from the school. Here is people from many countries and I have friends from Sweden, Finland, German, Estonia, Spain and Latvia.


12541039_10153954472979662_2830295893536506699_nAlongside the school is important to do relaxing things and with friends from school we go to listen Malmö Symphony orchestra’s concerts that are ones a week because all the student’s of our school can get a free ticket if the concert is not full. I have been in every concert that they have had this year. A friend gave me also a free ticket to Malmö Opera’s Billy Elliot -musical. That was awesome! Tomorrow I’m going to explore Copenhagen and the Royal Danish Teather. I go there to see Verdi’s Falstaff with my German friend.

Malmö is not very beatiful city but it has lots of nice places. Especially the central is really nice at the evening time when it is already dark.


Malmö has history of factories and just next to my school is one factory. First I thought it is really ugly but I have learned to appreciate its high chimneys while I’m some how got lost with my bike.

12643029_10153991303804662_3205363831491082699_nHere everyone has bike, and the cycle paths are really good. Many times I get much faster to where ever I’m going with the bike than with a buss. For example from home to school takes 15 minutes with the bike but with the buss (with all the walking included) it takes about 25 or 30 minutes.

In the winter time the darkness comes really fast so it is very important to have all basic cycling equipments in order. Have to be very shiny for safety reasons!



12651178_10153998174704662_6267118038860533478_nThis week we had a semla dag. Semla is a bun that has lots of cream and almond paste (or jam) in it. they are really big thing here. My landlady had baked them on monday and one was waiting me in the fridge when I got home. Next sunday is Valentine’s Day and me and my friends are going to bake some more semlas. ^^



12688234_10153997227219662_4037261403369475766_nSome times is good to work somewhere else. For example in the fast food restaurant that has tablerunnes, a candle and a rose in the table. I still have 3,5 months time to find lots of more lovely places in Malmö. <3

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