Única en España

Hola everyone!

Saludos from Spain! I’m currently studying in Castellón de la Plana, a smaller town that locates in Mediterranean coast in Spain. It has been almost three weeks since I arrived here and I’m really enjoying my stay here! Everything is new and exciting and there’s always things to do even though it’s quite small city. I have met tons of lovely new people from different counties, such as from USA, Denmark, France, Germany, China etc. So there is pretty much people from all over the world. 🙂


At first when I arrived, I’m not going to lie, I felt sad and little bit homesick and that was partly because I’m the only Finn here in Castellón. And I think I’m probably not the only one who was feeling this way. At the beginning it would have been nice to have someone to talk to in my mother language. But now I’m just enjoying the fact that there are no Finnish people here and I can only communicate in English or in Spanish. What’s the better way to learn languages than that!

It’s funny to notice that I’m so exotic and interesting to foreign and local people because I come from Finland, also maybe the blonde hair and blue eyes have something to with it, (that’s why the title is Unique in Spain). Everybody is always asking about the snow and reindeers because they don’t know anything else about Finland. And it’s commonly believed in here that Finland is the place where Santa Claus lives! So entertaining!


UsIn this city, I love the fact that everything is so close and you can just meet up with people by running into them in the street. Biking is the only worthwhile way to move around here, I that’s just right for my taste because I love biking in Finland too. The Erasmus students are one tight community here, everyone knows everyone and we’re like a one big family. I love it!



As you can probably see from the pictures, the Castellón beach has become one of absolute favorite spots in here. I just love the sea and palm trees and that is something we don’t have in Finland. The beach is also the place to be when it’s sunny weather and it’s so nice to hang out with friends there. Maybe in a month we can actually sunbathe there. I’m enjoying the beach so much!

One thing I love about Castellón is that it’s so easy to move around Spain. Or around the Europe! There is big airports just around to corner if you want to travel in Europe and trains don’t cost that much if you want to travel in Spain. I want to see as many places as possible during my stay in Spain. Luckily we already have plans to almost every weekend to travel somewhere and see new cities! I’m also planning to travel in Europe later this spring.

My studies are going super well here, I have already noticed that education is not that organized or strict as in Finland. Which is totally fine by me! 😀 I’m just kidding, few of my courses are pretty hard and intensive, especially when I’m studying partly in Spanish. I’m still rocking my studies and I’m so happy that everything worked out because I was a little concerned before my arrival because I had chosen Spanish courses. It is also amazing that people are not that punctual and tied to time as in Finland. I’m kind of loving it, of course I like to be punctual myself but it’s nice to notice that people are not in such a hurry all the time.

So that’s pretty much what’s up at the moment. There’s some pictures from my journey below. I already feel that it was the best decision ever to leave Finland to study in another country! Thanks for reading and I wish everyone a great spring semester abroad!






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