Iran: So Close no Matter how Far!

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I started my internship on January 31 in Iran, Mashhad in a CNC company. The company is located about 25 kilometers from Mashhad.  Mashhad is the second populous city in Iran with about three million inhabitants. It is located between two mountain ranges of Binalood and Hezar Masjed Mountains. Mashhad is a familiar place to me since before moving to Finland I had lived there for about twenty years. three million tourists visit Mashhad in a year and enjoy its historical places and its mild summer.

Also my training workplace is a familiar environment since I was working at a car factory  in the same holding company. I have the opportunity to meet my old colleagues and chat about memories from the car factory. My training period is going on fine and everyday I learn something new about real business in a real environment which are not too far from theories in my studies.

I have chosen Mashhad to spend my training as my son lives in Mashhad and by choosing Mashhad I can spend my internship and seeing my son at the same time. I had heard about lathe machines frequently since it is an substantial industry in Iran but I had not the opportunity to see them closely before I come to the Tarash Rayaneh Toos company. When I started my work in the car factory I found it interesting. Also from my perspective lathe machines also are interesting since they are used to produce for example candlesticks, gun barrels, table legs, bowls, and cue sticks.

I enjoy from my placement since at the same time I can achieve new experiences besides having my son close to me. in 27 days it is Iranian new year, Nourouz, and we are going to celebrate it together after six years. I appreciate the time for learning and enjoing from being with my son, relatives and friends.

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Mashhad Mellat Park
Mashhad city
Persian cuisines
saffron field
saffron field
Persian carpet

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