Ola from Portugal!

Hi everyone,

I’m doing my practical training in Lisbon, Portugal. To begin with, I would like to say that I just came to Portugal for a holidays and suddenly found an amazing internship. So, it started like a great adventure: to go to travel for a month and didn’t come back. I’m totally amazed by the country and people. Ok, let’s speak about my Portuguese life in some order.

First, practical training. I’m really happy with a company I got in. They do post production and animation. During my time here I got a possibility to participate in great projects and see how professionals work. Mostly, I’m practicing digital compositing but sometimes I also do some motion graphics. I guess I’ve already gained a lot of experience here.

Next, Portugal. What can I say? It is really beautiful country and, of course, it is a great pleasure for a North person to livesome amount of time in so warm climate. For now I didn’t travel much around but what I’ve saw was amazing. Ocean is really fascinating, there is no words to describe power of it. We went to visit city named Nazare where you can see one of the biggest waves all over the world.

Lisbon and all other cities I’ve been to are also really beautiful. City centre of Lisbon is located on hills therefore city is full of stairs (some streets are just stairs), hidden paths, old buildings which sometimes seems like don’t follow any architectural rules, and pavements which are so narrow that sometimes people need to cuddle to walls to let trams path. All these things create special amazing atmosphere.

To conclude, it is a must to mention few things about my accommodation. When I was arriving to Portugal, my friends warned me that I need to be careful with renting apartment and check if a room has windows. Therefore before coming I double checked with my landlord that my room has windows, and it did. However, when I arrived my room didn’t have a door because it was an attic. Now I’m still living in this apartment but moved to room which has four doors. Third room in the apartment doesn’t have window, and an entrance to our bathroom is through balcony what’s really terrible when it is raining. Despite on all these strange things, I really like apartment because it is arty, full of writings on walls form people who were lived there before, full of old furniture and rented with two cats included. Of course, I know that apartments in Portugal are not like this but it is not hard to find apartment with some “special” things. So, my accommodation also brings some special atmosphere to my stay in Portugal.

And here is some more photos:



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