Servus from München!

My exchange has been great and is sadly coming to its end tomorrow. I’ve made unforgettable memories and friends and experienced the German culture.

The most unforgettable memories were made during the first months after arriving. I visited the famous Oktoberfest many times and I had a great time. Nearly everyone bought the Oktoberfest clothes, lederhosen for men and Drindl for women and I must say we fit in perfectly! I enjoyed especially the German food culture and I was surprised how friendly the Germans really are.

Oktoberfest tent
Amusement park in Oktoberfest

Studying here was different and challenging, but I learned a lot and I’m grateful for the professor who let me in to the master programme of my own studies. I studied in English and in my opinion my language skills have improved during this exchange as I expected.

Winter semester passed quickly and I survived the exam period passing all the courses. I had a vacation in february and I travelled and relaxed before my departure. Wintertime has been soft for a person used to Finnish winters and that was truly a nice experience. Now it’s time to say Goodbye!

München Marienplatz
München Marienplatz

p.s. Servus is a Bavarian way of saying “Hello”!

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