Greetings from the land of leprechauns

P2060152Hi Everyone!

Greetings from Tralee, Ireland. I’m doing my study exchange in University of Technology Tralee and I’m almost halfway through my semester. My time here has been great so far. I’ve made a lot of new friends from other exchange students and school has also been quite okay. Lectures here are not so different compared to Finland and I don’t usually find it hard to understand the lecturers even though the Irish accent is really strong here in county Kerry and people tend to speak really fast. Back in January on my first night here in Tralee, I spoke with an old Irish man and I seriously couldn’t understand a word he was saying. Fortunately most of the people don’t have as strong accent as he did.

All of us exchange students here are anxiously waiting for St. Patricks Day. Most of us are planning to go to Dublin and see the parade and all the celebrations there. I think that will be a day to remember. Also my two week Easter break starts then and I’m going to visit London and Scotland during the break, so lots of fun things in the future for me.

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