Mañana, Mañana

Greetings from Benalmádena, Spain! I have been here for over a month now and this city still surprises me every day! Benalmádena is located near Malaga and Fuengirola but I think this small town is much better than any of those bigger cities nearby. Lots of Finnish seniors have moved here to spend their retirement and I don’t even wonder why! Sun shines almost every day, even during the winter and it is so much easier to breath in this humid climate.

I’m working with my live-in partner at this Finnish society, Benalmádenan Suomalaiset Ry and we are this community’s information and communication technology support persons. Our main job is to help customer’s problems about technical devices at their home or at the office. Twice a week we have this clinic-time at the office and there we try to fix little problems and if something takes too long, we schedule a new appointment. Next week we are going to Malaga with a group of our customers to help them find tablets for their needs. After that we are going to give a lecture about how to use tablet and what they should know about different features of tablet. Customers have been really friendly to us and I have learned a lot about technology during this time.


Paloma Park
The title “mañana, mañana” means the slow lifestyle here in Spain. Nothing is this day’s job and all the services are out during the siesta. That kind of lifestyle works for me, but it’s still hard to learn to eat at the same time as the locals. They eat dinner so late, that if you try to find a good place to eat for example at five a clock, every restaurant is still closed.



Puerto Marina
There are lots of sights to see, for example the world’s most beautiful harbor (where is also Jari Sillanpää’s holiday residence) and stunning beach. In Benalmádena you can also visit lively Paloma Park or take the cable car up to the Mount Calamorro. Last weekend we also visited outstanding town of Mijas, which is mountain village near Benalmádena. The views were fabulous and I love to walk on the small beautiful streets.


We have experienced a lot during this time and we have still many things to do. I couldn’t have imagined that this time abroad would be so amazing!


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