Hello from Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s been a month now since I arrived here and so far it’s been raining most of the time. Me and my friends here tend to joke that even bad things are good ”as long as it’s not raining”. Spring here in Ljubljana is mostly rainy, but later on this country should start blooming when the sun comes out, and we’ve seen a little bit of those days already.
There’s always something going on here so I don’t have problems with finding things to do in my free time. After school days we go to restaurants with my class mates. Slovenia is really like a paradise for students when it comes to eating. Almost every restaurant in town has a special menu for students. It costs 2,5-4 euros including soup, salad, fruit and main course, sometimes even dessert. I will have a hard time when coming back home, it means I have to start cooking again.
In the evenings there’s also a lot of things to do. Concerts, clubs,20160306_171203 theatre, international movie nights and so on. There are also two interesting alternative social centres where people hang out and organise all kinds of happenings from jamming sessions to art exhibitions. Metelkova is full of colorful graffitis and interesting people and during the night the main square of the place can be crowded by people gathering together.
Studies have started slowly in our tiny campus of social work. Teachers are very open-minded and friendly towards us students, which I heard is not so common in other faculties here. In addition to lectures I’m doing a practical training in an asylum home, which is very interesting too, to see how organisations work here. Through my work I’ve met a lot of people from different countries.
So far it’s already been amazing to be here so I can’t wait for all the forthcoming experiences.
Greetings, Saara

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