Scotland adventures

Greetings from Scotland! I have now lived here for a bit more than two months and already feel at home. At the moment i’m enjoying a two week Easter holiday, which is actually not much needed, since i only have school three days a week. So can’t say that life is stressful around here! I live in a city called Inverness, which is the biggest city in the northern part of Scotland. It’s still a rather small city, approximately 80 000 people in it, but it’s got everything one needs and the atmosphere is really nice due to the very kind and chatty people here.

IMG_1831  IMG_1833

I’m studying forestry here in a brand new forestry campus. My studies have gone fairly well here, although there is one course that i have troubles with due to the difficulty of the subject. But no worries, because apparently it’s normal if not advisable to have one course where you feel clueless. Just part of the exchange experience! Otherwise i have enjoyed my classes a lot. We do a lot of field trips here and it has been a great way to explore the surroundings and nature around here. The weather here is usually pretty unpredictable, but i feel that i have had quite good luck with it.

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I have a lot of free time here and i have used that time for exploring outdoors, doing sports and having coffee with my new international friends. Scotland is amazing place for outdoors related activities. There’s a lot of mountains, beautiful nature, and you don’t have to travel far to explore it. For a nature enthusiast like me, this place is perfect! Here’s some pictures from our trips.

IMG_2548 IMG_2504 IMG_2408 IMG_2345 IMG_2329 IMG_2271 IMG_2233 IMG_2230

I’m really glad i decided to come here and I’m planning to enjoy the rest of my stay here and keep exploring the outdoors with these great people I’ve met here!

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