Bonjour ! A blog-postcard from Paris.

Hello from Paris.

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The view over Paris

I’m already in the middle of my study exchange and I can’t believe how fast it has gone. Even though at the same time I feel like I have already settled to Paris and living here feels like being at home. Wouldn’t mind staying longer…

With the final presentations and exams approaching, it feels funny that not so long ago (a little over two months) I was just getting used to the French teaching style, the new courses and to a different way of studying. Which is actually quite a lot different than in Finland. Here people actually talk a lot during class and the biggest difference I noticed, is the theoretical approach towards learning. In Finland we focus more on the practical side of things and because of that, it was interesting to notice how different it is to study here in France.

There is exchange students from many countries also doing an Erasmus study exchange here in Paris and it was nice to get new friends from all over the world: Germany, Norway, Taiwan, Canada… The school I’m in is called Paris School of Business (PSB) and it’s located 13th district.

First day at school


Musee d’Orsay

As I have visited Paris before my exchange studies, the city was kind of familiar and it didn’t take a long time to learn my way in my new home city.

Still it took some time to get to know this city, but the best part of my stay has
been the everyday adventures you can have in a city like this. Weather you go on a walk to Jardin des Tuileries, explore the little streets, boutiques and coffee shops in Le Marais or wander in the museums (where under 25-year old EU-residents get in for free!!), everyday in Paris is an adventure. And you easily end up walking 10-20km a day..


One of my favorite coffee shops Ob-La-Di

A few things I’ve been very happy about during my stay: my new friends (mostly other exchange students but luckily also a few locals), learning a little bit more French and having time to travel and explore Europe. So far I’ve been to Milan and Amsterdam…

Weekend trip to Milan


I would definitely recommend coming to Paris wether just for a holiday or even for a study exchange. It’s been lovely to be here and luckily I have some time left still!

Bisous !

Maria Dejanova


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