Kas sa räägid eesti keelt?

Jah, ma räägin natuke eesti keelt!

Hello from Tallinn!

Everything on this side of the sea is okay! Coming here was one of the best decisions I have made so far. And when I say that, I don’t exactly mean studies abroad, but the country that I chose to be my destination – Estonia!

Intependence day 24.2

I have learned a lot of new things about our almost neighboring country – its history and culture for example. For us Finns Tallinn and Estonia mainly means cheap alcohol and pirate copies of expensive brands, but it is so, so much more than that. Can you actually believe that not further than about 25 years ago, this country was occupied by Soviet union? Of course everyone knows that, but does many people even realize what it meant for Estonians to be free again?

Studying here has been interesting, the courses that I took are thatched by the best people on their field. Even though the system in here is a little inconvenient, it is really flexible – which is kinda new to me.


I live here in a shared flat with three Italian and one French girl – and I can say it has been an adventure. Even though the noise in the flat is often pretty loud (for me at least), everyone takes care of each other even more than themselves. So the atmosphere is really nice and warm.

I have traveled to different cities here in Estonia and visited Latvia and Lithuania as well. For me living here feels actually really natural, but I would prefer having my boyfriend here also. Visiting Finland from here is really easy, so maybe that’s why I haven’t done that once. Every day I try to learn more and more Estonian language, since it is not that hard. Still it amuses me when my Estonian language teacher always says to me that  – “Ooh but Heidi you must know the answer already, this is so easy for you!” But it’s not the same language!!!

There are a lot of Finnish people studying here, but I have managed to stay away from them, so if you feel like you will not get the “authentic Erasmus experience” so close to your home country – I am a living proof to tell you otherwise.





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