China the Giant

My exchange studies here in Jinan, China is almost coming to it’s end. Even though I’m really happy to return back to my oh-so-dear home country Finland, there are some things I’m going to miss when I leave.

Library of Qilu University of Technology

The nature and weather here is definitely very different from Finland’s. Parks are full of most bizzare looking plants and flowers and the temperatures are much higher than in Finland. That still doesn’t mean there can not be cold. In the winter we had snow couple of times!


Food is amazing and there is always lots of it. Chinese food is different from what you can get from the restaurants back in home. Here the food is more spiced and more simple. One of the things I need to try when I get back home is cook some real kung po chicken.


During this academic year we had many holidays and great chances to do some traveling. I have seen the Great Wall of China in Beijing, big skyscrapers of Shanghai and shores of Qingdao. In the winter holiday, which is almost 2 months here, I even went to out of the country to Philippines and South Korea and also visited Hong Kong.


The thing I will definitely miss most are my new friends.


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