Saludos desde Madrid

Hola a todos!
I’ve now been here in Madrid for two months, and it is true that time really flies when you have fun! I’ve really enjoyed my time here:   people, food, weather and city in general! I am so happy to still have two months left here.

Of course, to understand good things there must be some difficulties too. For example Spanish healthcare- system, English skills and heating system have been a bit questionable. On the other hand, people are so helpful and friendly here, and how else would you learn Spanish than when you’re forced to use it? I think my Spanish has improved quite a lot here, and I really try to use it with everyone. I also participate in Spanish courses at school, and I’ve never had so fun at school than in those classes! Me encanta espanol!!

University and lectures here are totally different than in Finland and TAMK. In the beginning I think we all were so lost. There wasn’t plenty of information available, so if you wanted to know something you needed to ask someone local (again good training for Spanish skills!!) Then it took a month before I got the password to the intranet of the uni, and from there I finally found the needed information to the courses. Also teaching is very different here compared to teaching in Finland. For example, you don’t need to participate in lectures, but when you do, you can’t even use a toilet during it?! Teachers are more strict here than in Finland, but on the other hand discipline is apparently needed in a class full of Spanish people.

Despite some troubles, I have really loved it here. I’m so happy that I decided to do the Erasmus half-a-year, and that I got to do it here in Madrid. This is such an amazing opportunity for every student to learn new culture, language and people, and I’m super thankful that I have that chance now.
Hasta luego!

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