Greetings from UK!

Hi, how are you? I’ve been asked that question countless times while my exchange here in United Kingdom. British are more polite than I thought and sometimes I feel myself so rude, when I’m not that talkative nor remember to use words like please and excuse me. In stores or at school I’ve been called darling or sir which I found hard to used to but at the same time I’m trying my best to be as polite as possible.

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I’m living in a quite small town called Derby. It’s located in East Middlands and is about 150km away from London. There’s no that much to see in here but it’s quite easy to travel other cities and places while bus tickets are quite cheap.



Teaching style overall is quite different compared to Tamk. In modules that I’ve chosen there’s first a lecture held by teacher or professor. After that we have seminars and tutorials in smaller groups and these are quite similar as our lessons in Tamk. Biggest difference is that there’s no group works at all, not even at seminars. You’re supposed to work individually and I have to do these huge 4000 word reports for both of my modules to pass them. Luckily there’s no exams at all in these modules.


I’ve made lot of friends in here and most of them are other Erasmus students. There’s lots of students from France, Usa and Holland. Me and the other student from Finland were almost the only ones who came here alone. Many others came here with friends but they’ve been really welcoming and have wanted to meet new people. We have our own nice little group of people and we’re doing lots of things together. We’ve been visiting Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool, London and seen football matches, visited Cadburys chocolate factory and done many other things. I’ve also visited France couple times to see my friends there and with other Finnish student we went Ireland and Edinburgh. So these couple months have been most eye opening filled with lot of new experiences.

I suggest that everyone who is thinking of going for a study exchange should experience that. Sometimes I’m missing things back home but in the other hand I’ve done so many new things and met new people in here and wouldn’t change even a day of that. Discovering a world is something that everyone should do!

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