Greetings from Italy! I am doing my Erasmus traineeship in Udine which is a small city in northern Italy. I am here with my classmate and we have been here one month. Time is going really fast and luckily we have still two months left.



I am doing my traineeship in the rehabilitation hospital Gervasutta. The first month I worked with patients who had neurological and musculoskeletal problems. Now I have patients with different neurological disorders. I have worked with other students, teachers and physiotherapists. In Gervasutta there are great facilities and equipment to practice physiotherapy. Many patients speak only Italian so sometimes it has been challenging to work with them.


In my free time I have met other Erasmus students, done some sports and enjoyed food and wine. We had a long eastern holiday and during that holiday I visited in Verona, Venice and Tarvisio. There are amazing landscapes in Friuli-Venezia Guilia so I would like to travel more and see all the beautiful places!



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