People with beauty and heart!


I have to admit the culture shock between west and east was tremendous. I was travelling in USA for three weeks before I came here and spent the last days in Honolulu before my flight to Seoul. After flying to that odd worm hole and seeing one day just vanishing from my life I was quite exhausted.

I got the first glances to Korean people and way of life on the Korean Air flight. Or actually at the Honolulu airport when checking in the flight. Very kind and beautiful girl at the counter suggested me a more spacious seat by the emergency exit right away, without asking. I think she notices my long legs 🙂 But this has never happened before! The first meeting with Korean people was thus more than very kind and warm!

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I study in Ajou University, in Suwon city. At the beginning I was quite worried about the course selection I was signed in. Soon I found out that I had already studied quite many of them in Finland. The course descriptions were not offered in all the courses I selected. Therefore I needed to change almost all of my courses. The school offered us a change and drop-off periods where the selected courses could be changed. In general, the school is quite bureaucratic and most of the things are very difficult to take care of. The quality of teaching is quite ok in my classes, as well as the English skills of the professors. I needed to drop only one course because of bad English skills of the teacher.


Now, the best part: living in campus! I live in the brand new International Dormitory, with my Korean room mate. The most surprising and amazing thing here in Korea has been the Korean people, absolutely! Such a warm, kind and beautiful young people I have never met in my life! We are treated here as special quests, the Korean hospitality is just amazing! People are just smiling and laughing all the time, everybody is in good mood. I was asked to be a photographer for the University baseball team ABBA Huskies (Ajou Baseball Athletics) right after I came here. I have had a great opportunity to watch and photograph these funny fellows practising and playing baseball. And yes, we have had a few beers together, too! 🙂


Whatever Korean people do, they do it with full throttle. Numerous voluntary student clubs, student colleagues organizing parties and field trips, and sports clubs with people living their dream with their heart. Two soccer fields are always busy, and Ajou University soccer team is one of the top teams in the University League. I just love these beautiful people!



Permission from people in the pictures was asked for publishing all the photos.

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