Greetings from Chester!

I’m doing my exchange in Chester. It is a really nice and beautiful city. You can see here plenty of old buildings and historical attraction, for example The City Walls which are surrounding the city.
There is quite lot to see in Chester but I have also travelled for now in London, Manchester and Liverpool. From Chester it is really easy to travel by train to those cities.



I’m studing nursing and when I arrived to Chester, my first week was introduction week. My university guide showed me the campus areas and city centre. We also visited the hospital where my first placement was. On that first placement at the hospital I was in four different wards. First I was two weeks at the renal unit, then one week at respitory ward and eye clinic, two weeks at day surgery and last week I went back to renal unit. It was nice to see different wards but one week at a new place is quite a short time to get in. But still, I have seen a lot. Now at the moment I’m doing my second placement at the Community Care.


I’m staying at the Uni’s accomodation, and I’m living with six lovely girls. They are all from different cities in England. I think the weather has been quite the same for two months, but now it is getting more warm!



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