Sláinte mhaith!

Calton Hill
Greetings from Edinburgh, the beautiful capital of Scotland! This city is so inspiring and full of history that no words can describe it. I fell in love on the first day I came here, because people are really nice and there is always something new to discover.

Scottish people are quite similar to Finnish people: pretty hard to get close, but when you do they are very loyal to you. Also Scottish accent is like ‘savo’, hard to understand at first, but after a while I wanted to be able to speak it myself as well 😀

Unfortunately food here is quite unhealthy, especially at school cantine almost everything is deep fried or mixed with mayo. But haggis is the best ever! Never thought that entrails can taste so good…

I’m living in 5-people flat and luckily I have the best flatmates ever. We are from all around the world and this is the very first time to visit Scotland for all of us. We have also tradition of making dinner for each other every Sunday 🙂


Edinburgh is very expensive city to live. I pay 600€/month for my flat and restaurant mains start from 13€. Still here is many free things to do and see, such as Scottish National Museum, Arthur’s Seat (260m high ancient volcano) and Botanic Garden and many, many more..

To be honest, I had quite big expectations about Edinburgh Napier University’s music department, and many of them were true! Napier University has very modern recording studios and practice faculties, which is brilliant for music technology student! I think that music education standard is a bit higher in Finland than here in Scotland, but it’s about early childhood music education, not about universities.

I really enjoy my studies here, because there is always a new project to get myself into. For example I got involved into two composer students’ projects, and we were playing a great concert in St Giles Cathedral. First cathedral concert of my life, yay!






Of course there’s countless amount of castles, distilleries and stunning landscapes in Scotland, which I got chance to explore! I spend my two weeks Easter holiday in Highlands just travelling around by bus and seeing Isle of Skye, Fort William, Inverness and much more. Btw, what movie has the lake at the bottom left photo? 😉

Time has gone really fast, almost flying! It’s been already three months here, but it feels like one month, honestly! Still four more weeks to enjoy here, and find out which whisky bottles to carry back home and which not…


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