Bruges – The Venice of the North

Greetings from Belgium! I have already spend two months in this beautiful city called Bruges. Bruges is located in West-Flanders in Belgium and it is approximately same size as Tampere. The city is known for its medieval architecture and canals, that pass through the city. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending time in this kind of scenery?SAM_4124IMG_20160227_131337IMG_20160130_174038Everything has gone well in school as well. In Bruges I study International business management in Howest University of applied sciences. I have taken four different modules that all consist two courses, but the courses that I have found most interesting have been innovation management and courses related to social media marketing. Like in TAMK, we also have a lot of group assignment in the lessons here. What I like about the lessons is that there is also local students attending the same lessons, so we are not all the time with only international students.

Another good thing about school here is that we have a lot of free time. We just had two weeks long Easter holiday, so I had time to do what I enjoy most; Travel. I have been traveling inside the Belgium. I have visited in Oostende, Ghent, Brussel and Antwerp. In addition, I have had time to travel some other countries in Europe. Cities I have visited so far are Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, Paris, Madrid and Zürich. I still hope I have time to travel few other places before coming back to Finland.

IMG_20160327_130151 IMG_20160313_160412


All in all, I have enjoyed my exchange period so far. I have got so many friends all over the world and learn so much about different cultures!

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