Greetings from Akureyri!

I have been staying in Akureyri, North Iceland now three and a half months and there is still little bit less than one month to go. Akureyri is a sweet little city with a population of about 18 500 people and still it is a second largest city in Iceland. Time has been flying here and at the same time that I am waiting to go back home it also feels already like second home here so it is going to be weird to leave this place behind soon.


Downtown Akureyri.

My studies here have been very variable and I have had courses from Icelandic history and culture, Icelandic language, Circumpolar World and only one course from my own field of studies. When the school is as small as University of Akureyri, there is not that much to choose from. Still I have been pretty happy with my courses because I have been able to learn lot from Iceland.

In the Icelandic language course I have noticed that the language is really hard! First it seemed pretty okay because there is some similar words than in Swedish but after I got familiar with grammar I noticed that it is not going to be easy to learn. People in Iceland speak also so good English that it is usually easier just use that than try to speak Icelandic and that is why I have not felt big necessity to learn the language.

I have been living here in a guesthouse with eight other students. Besides me here is living Swedish, Latvian, German, Finnish, Polish, English and two Slovakian girls so we are quite nice mixture of nationalities. We get along really well and the house is also really nice, close to downtown and not too far from university.


Lake Mývatn.


Reynisfjara black beach.

Nature is definitely the best thing in Iceland and we have been doing lot of trips all over the island. For example Mývatn area which is pretty close to Akureyri has become familiar such as Reykjavík. Most amazing trips have been trips to Snæfellsnes peninsula and the trip to southern parts of Iceland. There is also still going to be one trip to Vatnajökull glacier in the end of April which I am looking forward to. Of course we have also been spotting northern lights many times and visited in a ranch where we rode Icelandic horses.

I am happy that I decided to spent my exchange semester in Iceland. It has been one of my best decisions to come here and I would not change anything! Hopefully I can come and visit here soon again.


Snæfellsnes peninsula.


Skógafoss waterfall.


Riding with Icelandic horses was amazing experience. 

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