Jump start to spring

IMG_3538Cardiff Bay, Wales
I came to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, about 7 weeks ago. It was nice to see that the spring was here already. When I left Finland, it was still winder and we had loads of snow. But in Cardiff, flowers were blooming and trees had just started to get leaves. The hospitals haven’t gotten to the 21st century meaning that they still use paper copies of patient records which was quite funny for me. Most seem to know where Finland is and even more people have heard that our education system is one of the top in the whole world.
As a funny coincidence was to meet a Finnish nurse who has been working here for 12 years already. She was kind enough to take me and my Finnish collague out for a city tour. University seems to be having a lot of troubles trying to organise placements for students. I told the placement office how in Finland students book their own placements and she fell in love with the system and wanted to have it straight away 🙂

All good. Take care.
Pauliina (Or as they call me “P”)

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