Paris? Oui!

Greetings from Paris,

It’s been two and a half months since I arrived in the city of love. I’ve already fell in love with it as well as got really frustrated. Although life in Paris is hectic and people tend to be in a hurry wherever they are going, I, as an exchange student, have had a real pleasure to follow the Parisian lifestyle grabbing a baguette for lunch and staying up late.13062168_10209151010789208_1274756071008973594_n

I’ve got seven courses at my school ESCE. It is a business school and studying there is quite similar to Finnish universities of applied sciences. In addition to lectures, there’s a lot of teamwork included in my courses. Working with international students has been instructive: I’ve learned a whole lot of different cultures.

As I already knew, dealing with stuff in France is much harder than in Finland. The electronic devices only work from time to time. If you have to print something, you’d better be prepared a few days earlier because there’s a high chance that the printers don’t work when you’re supposed to use them.13055383_10209150994028789_4007648237741871333_n

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I always spend at school studying but the rest of the week is left for walking around, discovering all the arrondissements of Paris, visiting cultural attractions and having dinner or a couple of cocktails with friends.13062492_10209151008669155_4731905398757168092_n

It’s very expensive to live in Paris. Luckily I can afford to attend to activities after the rent and grocery shopping. Fortunately many activities, like museums and cultural sites, are free for students.


By far, the most pleasant thing during the exchange has been all the new people I’ve met. Together we have picnics and soirées and explore Paris, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for each of us.

Love, Lotta

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