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Greetings from Chester!

I’m doing my exchange in Chester. It is a really nice and beautiful city. You can see here plenty of old buildings and historical attraction, for example The City Walls which are surrounding the city.
There is quite lot to see in Chester but I have also travelled for now in London, Manchester and Liverpool. From Chester it is really easy to travel by train to those cities.



I’m studing nursing and when I arrived to Chester, my first week was introduction week. My university guide showed me the campus areas and city centre. We also visited the hospital where my first placement was. On that first placement at the hospital I was in four different wards. First I was two weeks at the renal unit, then one week at respitory ward and eye clinic, two weeks at day surgery and last week I went back to renal unit. It was nice to see different wards but one week at a new place is quite a short time to get in. But still, I have seen a lot. Now at the moment I’m doing my second placement at the Community Care.


I’m staying at the Uni’s accomodation, and I’m living with six lovely girls. They are all from different cities in England. I think the weather has been quite the same for two months, but now it is getting more warm!



Greetings from Salford!

Greetings from Salford! I have been here in the UK a little bit over 2 months now. Time has gone by so fast! Only 4 more weeks and I`m flying back to Finland.


I´m  studying nursing and my first placement here was with the District nurses. I worked with them for 4 weeks. Everyone was really nice and I really felt like part of the team. Now I`m doing my second placement in a big hospital. I have been a little disappointed at how little the student here get to do at their placements – we mostly just observe which is a bit boring sometimes. I work 12,5 hours a day/three times a week which gives me a lot of free time!


On my time off I usually do something with the other Erasmus students. I have also been traveling during the weekends.  So far I have visited London, Chester, Liverpool and The Lake District.


There are so many places I`d  still love to explore but because time is running out!  I`ll have to choose which ones I want to explore the most…

Salut à tous!


Greetings from Lyon, the third largest city of France. After 2 months I’m in love with this place. The city is beautiful with two rivers crossing it, people are friendly and food is delicious. At first it was a bit confusing there can still be young people who don’t speak English at all – not one word.  But when in France, body language helps a lot when words end and at least when you start the conversation in French. People try even to teach me their language in grocery stores and in bakeries. And btw, croissants and baguettes are the best ones ever…

image1 (9)   

Korean dinner party 

I’m staying in a family, and they are just amazing, welcoming, warm and open-minded. So because of them I’ve been able to, for example, taste the traditional cuisine of Lyon, barbecue on sunny days and take riding classes in French. And of course, experiencing the authentic French family living.

Studying at INSEEC is not so different than at TAMK, but the standard of teachers and their teaching methods is really really high. Most of them teach with a large amount of experience and that is something to motivate and inspire.

I’ve been traveling around. Maybe the best moments have been this far skiing in the Alps, the tasting of Beaujolais wine in Pommiers and going on Easter holidays to Nice and renting a car to see the coast from St. Tropez to Portofino.

image1 (8)   blog_alps   

If there has to be something to criticize, I’d say the bureaucracy is sometimes driving me crazy. There is a saying among Erasmus students, when something really takes time and is difficult to handle – it’s “the French style”. No hard feelings though. On the other hand it’s just a way of thinking – feels like the French are used to wait and it’s not a big deal if something doesn’t happen right away.  So it has kind of taught me to be more relaxed. Like one Italian guy said, when we tried hurry him to walk faster, that he is just enjoying the life. I loved that comment.

image2 (3)   

It has been wonderful to meet people all over the world and learn from them. Something so valuable that it’s hard to understand without experiencing it, you know. 🙂

One more month left!


Dobrý den!

Greetings from Czech Republic, Brno! Coming here was like one dream came true and I don’t regret one second that I came!

At the first week they told me that “You didn’t came here to study you came here to learn”. And that’s true, I think I have learned so much from other students around the world and I have had opportunity to tell some awesome things about Finland too ! !

I have been here now 2,5 months (and 1,5 more still ahead) and every Tuesday we have presentations of nations. At 8th of March it was Finland´s turn to keep the presentation.  Good day, it was snowing (the only day with real snow during my stay here) and we were able to built a snowman! 8)

image5 (2)

The snowman is waiting partypeople in front of the Yacht (the best “club” ever! and just next to our dorms 😉

I have traveled a lot, because Brno is situated in Central Europe with good connections of all surrounding countries. Until now I have visited for example in Prague, Znojmo, Olomouc, Vienna, Krakow, Bratislava and also in skiing centre Červenohorské Sedlo (Cityski organizes nice trips there and to Austria too) and I am planning to go to Budapest, Berlin, Croatia.. It is so cheap to travel from Brno than compared to travelling from Finland…

In Brno they have International Student Club which helps international students during their stay. They organize a lot of trips and recreational activities. So you won’t get bored here! Some of our parties and events we will have during our stay; beer marathon, tramparty, boatparty, student ball, ballet, paintball, water fight, laser game, festival, planetarium and sport activities too.

image6 (1)

                   Picture from our first event: may I introduce you the priest and bitches <3

Czech they don’t have the healthiest food but mostly I like it. Beer is cheap, even cheaper than water. Also everything else is cheaper here compared to Finland. From student canteen you can have meal in 1,6€, and in restaurant proper meal in 3-7€, beer 1€, bus&tram card for 1 month 10€… Rent is about 140€. I am living in Pod Palackého vrchem Residence Hall. The dorms are not the cleanest one but it’s fine for that price ^ ! And I have a cool roommate from Ukraine 🙂 And here is pic of my room:



And something about my studies too; my faculty is next to dorms. I study business and management. Courses are basically okay and teachers speak really good English and one teacher is a big fan of Finland.. 😀 I have free days on Wednesdays and Fridays so it’s not that hard all the time! 😉




Here is also good sport opportunities: gym is ALSO just next to our dorms and a sport hall too; there I play floorball with local students once a week.  Nice place in the summer will be Brno Lake. It was already +20 in the beginning of May!

image1 (1)

                                                                                   Brno Lake  

image2 (1)image4 (1)

On Easter Thursday you can taste green beer and enjoy the city which is actually green too! Even Holy Dildo (aka astronomical clock) is green then ! If you come to Czech Republic you will realize they have a lot of this kind of interesting architecture here… 😉 Local food in the picture; raw meat, and it was sooo good! 😛

So just come here and experience it!

Greetings from Tromsø!

The time has gone by quickly and I have been here for over a month now. Starting to feel like home. It wasn’t that big culture shock to come here because the culture is quite same somparing to Finland.


I have had a great times here and I have met many new interesting persons. People here are so warm-hearted and helpfull. My everyday life consists of working on the hospital, hanging out with the friends, sports etc.  just as my life in Finland also.

I live with 5 other students and there are plenty of students in the area I am living. It is very easy to make friends here.

I’m doing my placement in University Hospital Nord-Norge. The first six weeks I was in the medical ward, and now I have seven weeks of surgery department. I have realize that the hospital environment is actually quite the same as in Finland, but of course there are some differences.


Greetings from Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city by the lake Victoria. I have been living in Kisumu now for two months and time has gone super fast. Lumumba Health CentreI’m studying nursing and I’m doing my practical training here in local hospitals and health centres. I did my placement in child welfare, family planning, maternity and antenatal clinics in Lumumba health centre for four weeks. It was a great experience working there and the staff was really friendly and helpfull. I have had some good conversations with my coworkers about the health care system in Kenya and about Kenyan way of living. It has been really eye-opening experience and I think my nursing skills has improved here a lot. This week I started my placement in paediatrics in a local hospital and so far it has been a good experience, but it’s also hard to see children suffering from different diseases such as malaria, anemia, pneumonia and also severe malnutrition.

imageIn my free time I have practiced yoga and other sports, hang out with other students from Finland and travelled around Kenya.  We went to the Masai Mara National park for a weekend trip and it was amazing to see all the animals.




On my Easter holiday I travelled to Mombasa with my friend Laura. We went there by night bus and came back by train. We had really nice time relaxing on the beach.





On my holiday week I travelled to Uganda with Laura to see the gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National park. We also did rafting in Jinja.



This isn’t my first time travelling to Africa and I think for me Africa will be a place where I will always come back.  I’m super happy I decided to apply for an exhange to Kenya. Here you are out of your comfort zone so you learn a lot from yourself and you see and learn things you would ever learn in Finland. It’s really an amazing experience.

best wishes, Emilia


People with beauty and heart!


I have to admit the culture shock between west and east was tremendous. I was travelling in USA for three weeks before I came here and spent the last days in Honolulu before my flight to Seoul. After flying to that odd worm hole and seeing one day just vanishing from my life I was quite exhausted.

I got the first glances to Korean people and way of life on the Korean Air flight. Or actually at the Honolulu airport when checking in the flight. Very kind and beautiful girl at the counter suggested me a more spacious seat by the emergency exit right away, without asking. I think she notices my long legs 🙂 But this has never happened before! The first meeting with Korean people was thus more than very kind and warm!

734964_10153670520323347_6929623436075385153_n (1)

I study in Ajou University, in Suwon city. At the beginning I was quite worried about the course selection I was signed in. Soon I found out that I had already studied quite many of them in Finland. The course descriptions were not offered in all the courses I selected. Therefore I needed to change almost all of my courses. The school offered us a change and drop-off periods where the selected courses could be changed. In general, the school is quite bureaucratic and most of the things are very difficult to take care of. The quality of teaching is quite ok in my classes, as well as the English skills of the professors. I needed to drop only one course because of bad English skills of the teacher.


Now, the best part: living in campus! I live in the brand new International Dormitory, with my Korean room mate. The most surprising and amazing thing here in Korea has been the Korean people, absolutely! Such a warm, kind and beautiful young people I have never met in my life! We are treated here as special quests, the Korean hospitality is just amazing! People are just smiling and laughing all the time, everybody is in good mood. I was asked to be a photographer for the University baseball team ABBA Huskies (Ajou Baseball Athletics) right after I came here. I have had a great opportunity to watch and photograph these funny fellows practising and playing baseball. And yes, we have had a few beers together, too! 🙂


Whatever Korean people do, they do it with full throttle. Numerous voluntary student clubs, student colleagues organizing parties and field trips, and sports clubs with people living their dream with their heart. Two soccer fields are always busy, and Ajou University soccer team is one of the top teams in the University League. I just love these beautiful people!



Permission from people in the pictures was asked for publishing all the photos.

A Man in Manchester

Hello there! I’m now studying Popular music and recording at the Univerity of Salford in Mancehster, England. My main subjects here are composing, arranging and ethnomusicology. I’m studying here for this spring, which is roughly a 4 months period. All is going well and there is lots to do here. It’s a big city, a biggest where I’ve ever lived in.


Although my neighbourhood is much quiter than my home at the center of Tampere.


The weather is slowly getting warmer and it hasn’t even rained that much.


But of course it’s all about music here.


See you! -Juho

Ahoj! – Greetings from Zilina, Slovakia

It’s been about six weeks of great time in Zilina Slovakia. It’s spring time and weather is getting better and better every day and it seem to make everyone really happy when they don’t need to wear so much clothes.
Time flies and every weekend something nice is planned. In Slovakia free train tickets for students makes it easy to go and see beautiful places and castles. There is castles and castle ruins everywhere 😀 nature is amazing and other European cities are pretty close.
I’m the only exchange student in my faculty because others for some reason didn’t come. That’s okay for me because now I only have weekly meetings with teachers and I can do most of my studies from home. So I have a lot of free time. But the tasks I have, I really need to do and know because I’m alone with the teacher and it would be weird if i was there knowing nothing.

IMG_20160313_151924888_HDR IMG_20160318_160848837_HDR
Everything is under control and I’m happy to be here.

Best regards

– Antti


Greetings from Italy! I am doing my Erasmus traineeship in Udine which is a small city in northern Italy. I am here with my classmate and we have been here one month. Time is going really fast and luckily we have still two months left.



I am doing my traineeship in the rehabilitation hospital Gervasutta. The first month I worked with patients who had neurological and musculoskeletal problems. Now I have patients with different neurological disorders. I have worked with other students, teachers and physiotherapists. In Gervasutta there are great facilities and equipment to practice physiotherapy. Many patients speak only Italian so sometimes it has been challenging to work with them.


In my free time I have met other Erasmus students, done some sports and enjoyed food and wine. We had a long eastern holiday and during that holiday I visited in Verona, Venice and Tarvisio. There are amazing landscapes in Friuli-Venezia Guilia so I would like to travel more and see all the beautiful places!